Some help with cloze deletions

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading!

I’m unable to properly search for my cloze cards/notes inside Anki’s browser.

Take, for example, this sentence:

If I search for “解されるぐらい構わないけど” (i.e. without the {{c1:::誤}} part), then I can see it in Anki’s browser. If I try to search for the “occluded” version {{c1::誤}}解されるぐらい構わないけど OR the “non-occluded” version 誤解されるぐらい構わないけど, then I can’t see them in Anki’s browser. What’s going on here? I’ve tried it with lots of different cards, including other languages, and it’s the same result.

On a separate but related point, is there a way I can add the “non-occluded” version as a field in the browser? I figured if I could then the browser may be able to see it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I’ve never worked with this language.
but try this: {{c1::誤}} 解されるぐらい構わないけど
and search this: 誤 解されるぐらい構わないけど
i think there should be a space between colze brackets - }} - and next letter

You can do this if you filter by field. Assuming you field is called Text as the default Cloze note type:


Note the text is between quotation marks.

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I’m afraid Anki doesn’t currently have a feature to ignore the cloze deletion markers when searching. You should be able to locate the card by searching for the text including the markers, but because : is a special character in searches, you either need to escape it:


or use some other search query that has a : first, such as Guillem’s suggestion, or starting the search with nc::