Anki Cloze deletion probleom on Ipad (Resolved)

I’m using Anki on my iPad and I’m still new to the application, so bare with me if its a simple problem. Anyway, I encountered a problem with using the Cloze cards, particularly using Cloze deletions. The first cloze deletion ({{c1::}}) seems to be working fine yet when it comes to other cloze deletions ({{c2::}},{{c3::}}), Anki does not register them as cloze deletions and regards them as normal text. Does anyone have an idea to where I’m doing it wrong or is there a bug in AnkiMobile. Thanks :))

Could you please post example content, where this does not work?

Please have a look at Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

{{c2::Canberra}} was founded in {{c1::1913}}.

will create two cards.

Canberra was founded in […].


[…] was founded in 1913.

If you want two clozes on one card, you need to use

{{c1::Canberra}} was founded in {{c1::1913}}.

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The problem has been fixed and I apologize for not closing the statement as resolved. It was actually a rookie mistake on my part as I forgot that you need to advance (pressing space bar as I am using a bluetooth keyboard) in order for other cloze deletion to work. However, thanks for your help and for your time in replying and I hope that others see yours as useful in solving their problems! :smile:

Another question also if I may ask. Does cloze deletion work with images? Or is it not available on AnkiMobile? Thanks!

You need to use the add-on Image Occlusion Enhanced for Anki 2.1 (alpha) - AnkiWeb in the desktop version of Anki and create cards there. You can review these cards with mobile versions after syncing.

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That’s quite unfortunate, but thanks for your information! I also did a cursory research and I haven’t tried it yet so take it with a pinch of salt. Anywho, I saw a discussion and mentioned a link that supposedly might help both AnkiDroid and AnkiMobile users who don’t have access to a desktop/laptop but still needs/wants to use image occlusion.

Link here: GitHub - infinyte7/image-occlusion-in-browser: Create image occlusion in browser

And I reiterate that I haven’t tried it yet to give good critique, so try it with your discernment.