Some devices sync, some say I have no account


I’ve been using Anki for a long time, and have previously had my decks synced across a phone, desktop, laptop and tablet.
Currently, I can access my decks and sync them without problems on phone, desktop and tablet. However, on the laptop (Anki desktop app, most recent version), I am repeatedly getting an error that my username or password is incorrect, despite this not being the case. When I tried to check the account on the Ankiweb site, I get an error that an account with that username doesn’t exist. I know this is not the case as it is the username listed on AnkiMobile on my phone, which is syncing correctly.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

The email address you’re writing from has an account - please check you don’t accidentally have the caps lock on, and are not entering it with a space at the start or end.


I know the email address has an account because I’m using it on some devices. It seems that any device I was already signed in on is fine, but to re-login to a device or log in to AnkiWeb throws an error that the account doesn’t exist.

If I enter your email address into AnkiWeb’s login page and a random password, it says that the password is incorrect rather than the account missing. If you’re receiving a message about there being no account when logging in to AnkiWeb, please triple-check what you’re typing in, as it seems that what you’re entering in must be slightly different.

That is interesting.
I have been able to get in to AnkiWeb with a different email; it seems I have two associated with the account.