Account No Longer Exists?


I have had an Anki account that I have accessed from my desktop, AnkiWeb and the IOS app for multiple years. Just got a new computer and it says no account exists with my email. This is obviously false and I’m not sure how else to get in.

Possible cause: I hadn’t used my account in a number of months and got an email in December asking me to verify my email address. I didn’t notice it and didn’t do so.

But even so, seems strange that they would delete my account? Any way for me to recover it? I still am signed in and have all my data on the IOS app, but would obviously like to be able to sign in on other devices/if I ever get logged out.

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide!

The email address you’re writing from appears to have an AnkiWeb account, but it is currently empty - if you’re getting a no-such-account message, please make sure your Anki version is up to date, and please double check your email address as you’re entering it in.

If you still have data on your phone, when you sync for the first time, please choose “Upload” to send it to AnkiWeb.

Hi Dae -

Thanks for your response!

The email address attached to the Anki account is not the email attached to this forums account. (anki account is using an older email address). If I were to give you that email, could you investigate just as you did with this email?

Again, many thanks

  • Stella

You can post it privately on Support - AnkiMobile Manual, but if you’re being told the account no longer exists and it was created years ago, it is possible it expired completely. If that’s the case, you can sign up again on