Cannot log into Ankiweb, doesn't recognize email


I purchased the app (AnkiMobile Flashcards) a couple years ago and although I can use it from mobile, I can no longer log into AnkiWeb. I get an error saying “no account was found with that email address”.

The email address I’m using is the one displayed in the app and also in my password manager. I was able to access the desktop version without issues in the past. Please help, thank you.

Your Ankiweb account can be deleted after six month of inactivity. Maybe, it is the issue.

Oh I see. Thank you very much. I simply created an account again using the same email address and it synced perfectly.

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It’s been many years since that was the case - these days its just your collection data that is removed. Based your description, my guess is that you changed the email address of your account on AnkiWeb at one point. What is shown in Anki’s preferences screen is based on the original email you synced with, and doesn’t currently get updated when your account email is changed.

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