Account not found on Anki Web but exists on Anki Desktop


I’ve got an Anki account, with which I am succesfully logged in on Anki Desktop. It syncs every day, and no errors are found. When I try to log in with this email address, it is however not found. Also when trying to reset the password, I get notified that said account does not exist. I am indeed using the email address I find in my Anki Desktop preferences.

Any possibility to solve this?

Thank you!


Please double-check the typing of your email address, as you do have an AnkiWeb account with your email.

Hi Dae,

I have indeed checked multiple times. Entered, and re-entered. Typed, and re-typed. Read and re-read in Anki Desktop. Alas… No account was found with that email address.



Are you sure you’re visiting AnkiWeb? If I enter your email and a random password, it correctly tells me the password is wrong, and not that the account is missing.

Edit: the email address has a three digit number in it.

Perhaps you missed my edit above? The account has a 3 digit number in the email address, so you presumably changed your AnkiWeb ID at one point.

That indeed seems to allow me to log in to my account! Thank you!
My question in that case is; why does it display the old email address in Anki Desktop? Is there any way to change this?

The email address is recorded only on the first sync currently, so it doesn’t get updated when you change your email in the AnkiWeb preferences.

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