AnkiWeb won't allow log-in to existing account. Error: " No account was found with that email address."


I got a notification on Desktop and Mobile that I needed to log into AnkiWeb and verify my email in order to sync.

After entering my credentials, AnkiWeb log-in page re-loads to a blank version of itself. In Chrome, the following error is given:
" No account was found with that email address."

I use Anki daily, so my account should be set to Active. Additionally, when I try to sign-up again using the same email, I get “Sorry, an account with this email address already exists.”. All my devices (Ubuntu Desktop, Android, iOS) are using the correct account, and the correct email.

Any ideas how to get access again to AnkiWeb? Just need to verify my email so I can sync again :slight_smile:


OP here —

after testing different combos of actions across browsers, it seems like the issue was mainly due to trying to log-in in Firefox. Problem was fixed in the following way:

  1. In Chrome, request password reset.
  2. Open password reset link in Chrome, reset.
  3. Log in using Chrome (this does not work at any point in Firefox).
  4. Verify email address.
  5. Profit.

Thanks for the report; please give it another try in Firefox now.

Works now, thanks!

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