No account was found with that email address

Hello - I think I know where the error might be coming from - I originally signed up with one email address (a school email) and later changed it to a different one, as I was set to lose access to the original email.

Both have been working fine for a while - I’m currently logged into Anki on my laptop using my normal email address, and on my iphone using my school email address. When I do reviews on one, they sync to the other just fine.

However, I’ve just tried installing & setting up Anki on a second computer, and both logins aren’t working. When I try to login, on the desktop program it states ‘AnkiWeb ID or password was incorrect; please try again.’ - when I do it on ankiweb, it states ‘no account was found with that email address’.

I decided to try creating an account on ankiweb using my main email address, to see if that would work - but while I was able to create an account, it has no decks in it. I tried adding a card and syncing that, to see if it would prompt a resync, but no such luck.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? It feels like there may be a database error. I have an old verification link in my emails, but that link has expired.

As far I know, that’s not possible. Are you 100% sure?

Please, also check this:


If you go in Tools > Preferences > Network, you can see the account you are logged in in Anki Desktop. Could you ensure it’s the same account you tried to log in and failed?