Anki Sync Problem

Its been about a year since I last “sync” my anki however, I still used it. Now that I have a new desktop, I tried to sync my old deck to my PC. However, I get this message, “Only one copy of Anki can sync to your account at once, Please try again after a minute”. Next I get a message saying, "Syncing failed, because your email address needs to be reconfirmed. Please visit ankiweb and log in as gabriellai0501gmail to proceed.

So after getting this message I went to ankiweb and tried to log in to my account, however it says there is no email address linked to my account. Therefore, I remade the account and tried to sync. When I tried that the same issue such as “Syncing Failed” gets shown again.

Any help is appreciated as I am starting my new term soon and would like to reuse some of my cards.

Thank you so much

You have an existing account with your 0501 email address. Please log in using that email (double-checking for typos), and an email should be sent to you.

You appear to be trying to login to instead of

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