Trouble confirming email address


I bought the anki app yesterday and I signed up but I didn’t get an email to confirm my address. It says ”Email failed Email Failed

We were not able to deliver an email to your mail provider.

Please check your address is correct

If you’ve confirmed your address is correct and the mail still doesn’t arrive, you can refresh this page in 1370 minute(s) to send another email.”

Since this doesn’t work I can’t log in and neither sync between the iPad and Mac.

I understand that these things happen, would just be glad if you could fix it since I have started my semester and need to use your great app.

That was all, thanks

best regards, Kalle

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Please see

I got the link now and pressed on the “click here to activate your account” and then it said “Sorry, this account confirmation link is no longer valid. Perhaps your account is already active?”

Then I tried to log in on my iPhone but it said “Error. Syncing failed, because your email address has not been confirmed. Please visit, log in with your email address and you’ll be promoted to confirm your email”

what do I do know?

I am sorry if I am a burden but I recently bought your app and would really need it to study since I just started my semester. Is it possible for you to send me another link? I really appreciate that you take your time to help me. Thank you

The email address you’re posting from is still blocking our email. If you created a separate account with a different email address instead of changing the email address in the Account tab, please let me know what your other email is in a private message on the other support site, so I can look it up.

I now created a separate account with a new different gmail anddress. I got the confirmation email and could log in on my iPhone. Thank you. But when I press the sync on my downloaded anki on the computer it directly says “Syncing failed, because your email address has not been confirmed. Please visit, log in with your email address (*************), and you’ll be prompted to confirm your email.” The problem is that they are reffering to my old email address.

I tried to delete my previous account but I also needed to verify that by email which didnt work. I am logged in on my new account on the AnkiWeb. The only problem is that the Anki that is downloaded on my computer is still connected to my old email.
So how do I log out on the downloaded anki on the computer so I can sync with my new account with the new gmail address?

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!!

Go to Tools > Preferences, in the Network tab, Click Log out and then click sync again and enter your new account info.

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If it wasn´t for the pandemic I would give u guys a hug. Thank YOU