"Syncing failed because your email address is not confirmed" keeps popping up despite confirming my address

Every time I open Anki Desktop or try to sync on the desktop app or the phone app I get the following message:

“Syncing failed, because your email address has not been confirmed. Please visit ankiweb . net, log in with your email address and you’ll be prompted to confirm your email.”

So I went on anki web, was prompted to confirm my email (and did so), restarted the anki desktop app yet I still continue to receive the above message. What should I do?

Confirming your email should trigger a verification to be sent. Not sure why it wasn’t, but I’ve sent you another one.

Hi, I haven’t received anything.


I don’t use Anki for a long time.
But now, I want to reuse it for remember something.
I used Anki between laptop and iPhone, but I change a new laptop.
So now…once I click Anki, it shows some words as the following.

@Daniel-Chang Account Login - AnkiWeb

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I had the “Syncing failed because your email is not confirmed” message popping up today out of nowhere, even though I’ve been using Anki on a daily basis for quite a while. Do email addresses have to be reverified every so often or should I be worried about it?

Can’t say for sure, never had this pop come up in these 2y of anki


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