Email not getting confirmed

Each time I try to use the AnkiWeb it keeps saying that I have to confirm my email and further sends the link to my gmail for confirmation. I have been getting the email every single time and i have been going to the link each time, but the account is still not being confirmed. Because of that I am not able to access anything on Anki Web because it just keep redirecting me to the “please confirm your email” page. How to fix this?

What does it say when you click on the link in the email?

This is happening to me as well.
Reset password goes fine, I receive the reset link in my email, I reset the password successfully, and I log in, but then the email confirmation is requested.
I confirm that the email is the same, then the confirmation email is sent, and I get the “Email Delivered” page. But no email appears in my mailbox (nor in spam folder).
This has been going on for a long time, possibly months. No confirmation email has been ever received despite multiple attempts, and reset email being received fine in the meanwhile.

Thanks for any help.

You appear to have verified your email since writing the post?

Hi, now it seems to work: after a few hours I finally received the confirmation link, and it worked!
If you did anything: thanks! (and thanks anyway for the quick response!)