Can't verify my email address

Been using Anki for a while but always offline, started using my account to sync deck progress between PC and droid. Whenever I try to verify my email, it says a mail has been sent but not received by my provider. Been a few days, it took so long the system started failing my syncs, but again I’ve requested an email with no success.

Tried changing email address of the account and requesting sync again, got instantly sent and I could verify. Changed back to my original email and it couldn’t send the verification mail again. Made this account on the forums with the same email that’s failing on the “main” account, and that could also get instantly verified so clearly my mail provider isn’t blocking anki emails.

Checked my spam folders, filters, everything. Nothing is getting blocked on my end. Appreciate any help.


I had the same issue a few days ago. Logging into Account Login - AnkiWeb seems to be the only way to actually get that confirmation email.

Afterwards, these messages on sync will disappear.

Tried that. After it didn’t work for a few days I changed email of the account, tried verifying (which worked) then tried doing the same with the original email. Didn’t work. So to my knowledge I can’t verify using this email.

Please see Emails not being received - Frequently Asked Questions