Email Verification and Syncing

I’ve tried verifying my email multiple times but I never recievie the email. This is frustrating because I’ve triple checked and made sure the email is correct and waited more than 24 hours and even tried on seperate weeks, devices etc. I can’t get the email to come. I can’t sync my cards anymore with my iPad which is what we use for school. If anyone knows a possible solutino let me know please!

I get the screen that says
"Email Sent
We’ve sent you a confirmation email, but it has not yet been received by your email provider. You can reload this page to check on progress.

In most cases emails should arrive within a few minutes, but in some cases it may take up to 24 hours for the mail to arrive."

But it never comes.

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I am also having this problem. After reloading the page, it also says, “We were not able to deliver an email to your mail provider.”

Is this occurring because maybe we are using a .edu email address?

No email can be found in the spam folder either.

@Lannyfish looks like you’ve verified your account now?

@JAnki please see

I got it verified but I had to change my email address, which was not Ideal.