Recreated my expired account but won't sync

Hi there.

I’ve been using Anki on my Iphone consistently for the past 5 years or so, and usually sync straight after doing my daily study. However, due to my Iphone storage being tight - sometimes the sync wouldn’t work and there may be a period of over 6 months where I didn’t sync. I now have a new Iphone which I want to transfer my account to - However, when I logged into Ankiweb it said my account didn’t exist (I assume since I may not have synced it for 6 months).

So following the support pages, I re-created my account with the same email address and now when I sync on my Iphone, nothing changes on Ankiweb, there are still no decks.

I tried a ‘full sync’ but that doesn’t seem to upload my decks. Can you help me learn how to upload my decks back to my re-created account? My ankiweb account uses the same email as this anki forum account.

Thank you.


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It’s possible that the account’s change (even with the same parameters) perturbed the Anki “logic”

In such a case, I would

  1. save the data on an external support,
  2. Delete account on Web and on Iphone,
  3. Recreate new account on the web and on the smartphone,
  4. import the saved data and synchronize…
    Hope it would aid.

Hi Chris,

It looks like you’ve successfully uploaded your decks to AnkiWeb - did you resolve your problem?

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