It appears my Anki web account has been deleted

I’ve been using Anki in my laptop. It’s been about a year since I last synced. Soon I will be traveling, and so I wanted to sync so I can use Anki on my iphone.

When I went to sync today, it appears that all my decks have been deleted, and I was not allowed to sync. Can you help me be able to sync my desktop version to the web?

Because you mentioned iPhone (paid instead of free), I thought maybe you’d have an account still. But I didn’t find anything that confirms that.

Before doing anything more, make sure you have a backup of your collection from the laptop so that it’s safe even if your laptop’s Anki collection gets overwritten by a sync. For backup options, there are File -> Create backup and File -> Export. See this page: Backups - Anki Manual

If you use File -> Export, select .colpkg and Include media.

For being able to sync again, this is what I found: AnkiWeb account removal / Anki Ecosystem / Knowledge Base - AnkiMobile (iPhone/iPad) Support

If you’d like to start syncing that data with AnkiWeb again, please start by logging in to using your Anki ID. If you receive a message that no such account exists, you’ll need to sign up again first - you can use the same email address as before if you wish.

After you get an account running on your laptop, make sure that when you sync, you choose to upload / sync to AnkiWeb (NOT download). Then sign in on your phone and download / sync from AnkiWeb (NOT upload).

In case a refresher’s needed, here’s the Anki manual section for setting up syncing with AnkiWeb: Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual


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