Account recovery

I got my computer fixed and had to redownload Anki. Upon doing so I tried logging into my anki web account and had to do forgot my password but…

Ankiweb says my email does not exist in the system. When I check my phone, my anki is logged in with the email address I’m trying online (not the email I am using right now).

Not only does Anki not recognize my email address in the system. The email address on my phone is an old school account which I don’t have access to. So even if I end up sending a password retrieval email, I won’t be able to access it. What do I do at this point in order to sync my phone data to my computer?

If I log out of on my phone, will I lose all the data?!

Please help, boards approaching soon and I am freaking out!

Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

You can export your collection to a .colpkg file from your phone, and import that file into Anki desktop.

Logging out won’t lose any local data on your device. You can create a new account and sync again, just please make sure you choose “upload” to send that data to AnkiWeb, instead of downloading an empty collection from AnkiWeb.