Can I get my anki content back?

Everything I had inside my anki account got deleted.
Is there any way I can get it back?

I’ve been using Anki for almost 10 years, lots of data I had.


If you don’t have your content on any computer or phone anymore, and if your AnkiWeb account was inactive for too long, then you might be out of luck. You probably got some emails to the email account associated with your AnkiWeb account, asking you to log in and verify your email.

Yes, that’s exactly what happened.
I reset my iphone by accident, everything lost on my phone.
Then I didn’t check my email for such a long time, cos I changed my primary email account.

Is there any way I can remedy this?

Thanks for responding.

If your account expired and you don’t have the data on any of your devices, I’m afraid it will not be possible to recover. More info can be found here: AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions

Losing all your Anki stuff must be frustrating. Have you tried checking if there’s a backup? Sometimes that can save the day and bring back your content. If not, reaching out to Anki support might be a good shot. They might have some ways to help recover your data.

Unfortunately in this case it seems that the account has expired, so that might be a false hope.

From the link:
“Once your deck data has expired, it is not possible for us to recover your data from AnkiWeb, but you may be able to recover it if you have a local copy.”

There is also this:

“Each time you visit, or use the synchronisation feature in Anki, AnkiMobile or AnkiDroid, your account will automatically be marked as active. The mobile clients do not sync automatically, so simply using them to study will not result in your AnkiWeb account being marked active unless you use the sync button.”

So it seems like the data on the phone was not being sync’ed, otherwise the account would not have expired.

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