Some authors cannot be contacted. Solution?

Hi, I’m new to all this here.
I love all the Anki projects.
I do want to talk to a real person about my question.
How do I contact the author of
Cantonese FSI Dialogs with Audio and Cantonese Characters ?
I just wanted to add a Romanization field (Jyutping ) to the deck to make it more useful.
I can show you the difference at
(Before I continue to create 30 videos out of the deck for Cantonese learners to study before using the deck for testing themselves, I need to confirm if this is legal to your license agreement ) I believe in Creative Common like in YouTube, also want to make any decks under that policy.

Also I don’t know how to improve the deck if I’m not the original author, so I shared my improved version, which seemed to force me to create a new deck.
Hope I can get a human reply to me soon.
Thank you.

Paul from CantonesePod at YouTube

You’ll need to ask the original deck sharer for permission before re-sharing their deck. I see you posted a review on their deck, but it’s not clear from that review that you want them to contact you about this.