Change contact for a shared deck

Hi all. I recently published a shared deck with a big list of cognitive biases(shared deck 219340756). For the “report issues” link that the “contact author” button uses I put in a github repo I’ve been using to maintain the project.

Embarrassingly I both made some typos in the repo name and had its visibility incorrectly wired. So I created a new one (github togakangaroo/anki-cognitive-biases-and-effects) and would like the “contact author” button to point people there. I do not see a way to update that in the UI.

Is there a way I can do it myself? If not, is there someone else who can swap it out for me.

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You can update the existing listing: Contributing - Anki Manual

Thank you! Kind of anti-intuitive and you’d expect it on the “my shared decks” screen. But following that I managed to get the link updated.