Options for review shared decks

I would like to suggest two options, if possible, for Ankiweb.

The first is the possibility to delete a review of a shared deck. For now, there is only the possibility of switching from thumbs up to thumbs down, or vice versa.

The second is to show “review edited” when a user edits a review, since the user can completely change what they wrote the first time, and the deck creator’s response may no longer make sense in some cases.

Thank you.

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I’m glad you brought this up. I’ve been thinking for the last several days that the shared deck area needs some improvements.

Some things I would like to see.

  • Add a link at the top of the page that takes you back to the shared deck home page (Shared Decks - AnkiWeb). There’s no way to navigate there if you reach a shared deck’s page from a search engine. Likewise, there’s no search field on the deck pages, so there’s no way to search for other decks when viewing a shared deck.

  • Show author names on shared deck pages. The page will tell you how many other decks an author has, but never tells you who the author is. Maybe a profile page for each author is in order (improving upon the “items shared by user” page.

  • Show the names of commenters. If profile pages are implemented, have each name link to the profile page.

  • Add some fields that authors can fill out for common metadata for a shared deck such as

    • A short summary field (200 characters max or even shorter) that will be shown in the search results and on the deck’s page above the longer description. Not all deck titles are descriptive enough.
    • URLs for the deck’s home page, place for bug reports, GitHub repo, etc.
    • General contact information should the author choose to provide it.
  • Separate ratings and comments.

    • Users should be able to comment without rating, and vice versa. Forcing a comment for a rating creates noise which can obscure valuable comments. Some decks have hundreds or thousands of ratings, which means hundreds or thousands of comments.
    • Move comments to a sub-page. For example, this page is far too long: 4000 Essential English Words (all books) [en-en] - AnkiWeb