Could we raise the number of AnkiWeb ratings shown in "Your Shared Items"?

It seems like the number of ratings that add-on & deck authors can view on the Your Shared Items page is currently limited to ≈ 500. As this is the only place where creators can respond to user ratings, it unfortunately means that – if you receive a lot of ratings – at some point you will no longer be able to respond to the earlier ones. In my case this means that any rating earlier than 11/2021 I can no longer reply to at the moment.

I ran into this while trying to respond to some bug reports that users had submitted via the ratings system (letting them know that the issues are no longer present and thank them for the report).

@dae, would it perhaps be possible to raise this limit, or just remove it completely? Most authors will likely never run into a point where there’s so many ratings that the page slows down, and until we have pagination, I think those who do would be OK dealing with slower performance on the shared items page rather than not being able to respond to users.


I’ve increased the limit.


Much appreciated, thank you!

I had this quality-problem too, now I can view(and reply to) my old reviews all the way back to 2016 ^^

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