Ankiweb shows congratulations instead of cards to review

I’ve only done 35 cards today though, but anki web won’t let me review, even after I bumped up the max reviews from 200 to 9999 inside of the ankiweb form pictured

That won’t help if your subdecks are the ones with cards, and their limits are smaller. Please ensure you’re using the latest computer version of Anki, and you should see identical behavior. If you don’t, please provide your AnkiWeb ID privately, and more information on the difference/how to reproduce.

Hey Dae, this was on latest.

Behavior is not identical, so I will send you the AnkiWeb ID. All of my decks, and subdecks in use, use the “default” profile that I’ve tunedthis way:

I’m afraid I can’t seem to reproduce the problem you reported using your AnkiWeb collection. If the problem persists even after clicking on a different deck and then the first deck again, please try disabling browser extensions like ad blockers to see if that helps.

I tried to disable extension and clicking other decks. Unfortunately none of them are usable still.

I double-checked, and your top deck is still working fine for me. If using a different browser doesn’t help, please let me know if you can provide more detailed reproduction steps.

Extensions weren’t the issue, but I cleared my cookies and localstorage, logged out & logged back in and the issue is gone for now.

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