Max Review won't apply changes

I’m having issues with Anki’s max review limit for my main deck and subdecks. I currently have my max review set at 200 cards/day. However, no changes on my max review limit have any affect on any of my subdecks. The max amount of review cards with each subdeck is still shown despite hitting 200 total review cards. The picture attached is the aftermath of having an initial total of 500ish review cards and doing nearly 300 of them despite having a max review limit of 200. I’m by no means an expert with the program so I’m not sure if I’m missing something obvious to fix this but I can’t seem to get any max review changes to apply to all my subdecks after hitting my max review limit.

If you have Anki >= 2.1.41, this is intentional: check the section under "Scheduler improvements over here. Not sure how to fix it though, except you could downgrade to Anki 2.1.40.

The limit is taken from the deck you select. So if you select only the parent deck and study from there, it should follow the limit you’ve set for that deck. If you’re clicking on individual subdecks to study them, then each deck you click on will use the limit of that deck.