2.1 scheduler does not respect subdeck max review limit when reviewing a parent deck with a higher limit


I’m using Anki Desktop 2.1.30 (06a69c25) on Windows 10.

With the 2.1 beta scheduler, when reviewing a parent deck with a maximum review count N, the scheduler does not respect a subdeck’s maximum review count M < N.

I have created an example collection that reproduces the bug. I couldn’t attach it here, but it can be downloaded from http://jussimaatta.com/collection-2020-08-23@11-59-04.colpkg for the time being.

The collection has a parent deck with a high max reviews/day limit and a subdeck with a limit of 3 reviews/day. The subdeck has 6 reviews due. The 2.1 beta scheduler is enabled. When reviewing the parent deck, the interface shows that there are 3 cards to review. However, Anki ends up showing all 6 cards and the due count goes negative.

I have not verified whether a similar bug exists for new cards.

Many thanks for your continuous efforts to maintain and improve Anki!

The counts going negative is not intended, but only the parent limit being respected is:

“When a deck has children, reviews are taken from all children decks at once, instead of showing each deck’s review cards one by one. The review limit of the child decks is ignored - only the limit of the deck you clicked on applies.”