Anki Not showing all due cards

Yesterday I completed a deck of about 220 new cards, I want to review 50/day. I set the options for scheduling to 50/day last night. This morning it is only showing me 18 green cards, no matter what I change the settings to? I never had issues setting a certain amount of review cards and I cant seem to figure out why this specific deck is giving me this issue

Which scheduler have you been using?

Scheduler? I dont have any add ons for my scheduling. The parent deck is set to 99999 for max reviews and new cards /day so that is not limiting it either

Anki comes with a scheduler by default (V1, V2 or V3). The way daily limits are handled in nested decks depends on the scheduler you’re currently using.

More info: Deck Options - Anki Manual

I didnt know of this! I read that page and didnt see how you can find out which you use. How do I find out?

Version ⁨2.1.45 (355e66e8)⁩
Python 3.8.6 Qt 5.14.2 PyQt 5.14.2

Look under “Preferences” to see if the V3 scheduler box is checked.

It is unchecked . I dont have any other issues with any other decks just this one specifically either . If I make a custom study for “all review cards” all 211 cards do appear

Apparently you’re using the V2 scheduler. The manual states, regarding the Maximum Reviews/Day, that

In the v2 scheduler, the limit is taken solely from the deck you select - any limits on its parents or child decks are ignored

So if you’re using the 50-card-max-reviews/day preset on the “Flashcards LEA Flashcards” deck and selecting that deck and not the parent deck, it should give you the 50 cards to review. Unless the cards aren’t available to study.

I can think of two scenarios where the new cards that you’d done the day before wouldn’t be available the following day for reviewing.

  1. They’re being automatically buried because they are siblings. In the deck options, you can check whether the following settings are disabled.

  1. You chose the forth option (easy) for some of the new cards, so they’ve got scheduled way ahead of the normal interval.

Ya I did some reading on other forums to see if the burying option was turned on and it was not. The only reason Im thinking that its like this is because the cards aren’t available (I didnt finish the deck until 10pm last night). I will just study the 18 today and see what happens tomorrow and update. Thank you for your help!

You can click on Stats at the top of the main window to see how many cards are due in the following days.

So I noticed that and today it says 18 and tomorrow around 95. My only confusion is that with any other deck if I selected “review 50/day” it would always bring 50 to review. Just not this deck

The daily limits are maximum limits - they will not make cards due before they’re ready.