No new cards are asked for

Version ⁨2.1.54 (b6a7760c)⁩ german


there are 3 new cards
, but they are not asked for.

Also the decks “Just_Due” and “Over_Due” are empty.

Options of main deck are:

The problem occurs even without addons.

Thanks for any hint!

Best regards

You probably use V3 scheduler. You have Maximum reviews a day set to 50 and you have 50 (or more) cards to review. It means your daily limit is full therefore no new cards are introduced. New cards will be introduced when you have less than 50 card for review.




Thank you for your explanation!

Yes, I use the V3-scheduler. And there are hundreds of due cards in the deck.
Maybe it is my fault: I am afraid I don’t understand the Just_Due and Over-Due deck issue in the manual.

According to my understanding there should be cards in the Over_Due deck as long as there are cards which were due last year.

Best regards

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