Deck misbehaving

Hi everyone.

I had set my German deck to 20 maximum reviews/day and this worked alright until recently when it just stopped displaying due cards. I’m not sure how or why it happened, but something seems to have glitched. When I now try and reset the daily limits back to their default values (20 new cards/day & 200 max reviews/day), this does not seem to affect the deck in question, though my other decks pick up the settings.

I’m quite unsure what’s happened. I also use Anki on my phone. Whenever I’ve been able to review any cards in the affected deck, they have tended to be some of the oldest cards that I know quite well anyway and don’t have much use reviewing. If there is no way to fix this issue, I think I may well stop using the app altogether, which is frustrating, seeing as it seemed to work alright for a while.

How are your decks structured?

Practically all of the cards in the affected deck are basic (and reversed card). What else is there to the structure of the deck that may be relevant?

Is this deck a subdeck of some other deck? What are your deck options? Which scheduler do you use?

So, 1) it is not a subdeck, 2) I’ve not changed anything from the default settings apart from the maximum reviews per day (down to 20), 3) I’m afraid I don’t know what a scheduler is, I’m simply using the program out of the box?

If you view the deck in the Browse screen and sort by the due column, you’ll see that the majority of your review cards are due on future dates, and there are only about 5 that are due today. You can also view the future due graph in the stats screen to see how many cards will be due on a given day in the future.

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