Bug: 2.1.54 knows I have cards to review but don't let met me working on them

Dear all,

I have a problem with the 2.1.54 version of anki.
I am using anki both on my smartphone and on my desktop: I have no problem whatsoever with my smartphone app.
My desktop version of anki knows I have cards to review.

But when I pick a specific deck in order to study it, anki behaves as if I had no new cards, no cards to review, etc.

So I cannot use Anki desktop at all (which is the version I am working with everyday…).
Obviously, I have restarted anki, my laptop, I’ve disable the add-ons, but nothing changed.

Has someone already faced the same problem and found a way to fix it?

Have you reached your review limit?


Which scheduler do you use?


Thanks for trying to solve my problem. Sadly, this is not a problem coming from the decks options, that’s a bug: one of my deck has a review limit of 800 cards and I have studied exactly zero of them today…

You should see a message at the top of the deck list prompting you to update to the v2 scheduler. You’ll need to do that before you can proceed.

Thanks for the advise. I have done it and it seems Anki is working correctly now.

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