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Hi, i just updated my anki desktop which was showing all my decks prior. Now after complete the update it is now saying i only have 11 cards. Prior to this i had over 100 across different decks. Is this fixable?

Where is this happening?

on both my anki app and desktop app. I downloaded the new update and then it said i only had 11 cards on both devices.

No, I meant where in the app are you seeing this. It’s not clear from your post whether actual cards/notes are missing (in the Browser window, for instance) or whether it’s a count of cards in the main Deck window that’s off (and if that’s for Review or New cards) or whether it’s something else entirely.

Seems to be related to Daily limits of V3 scheduler, they had a change in how they are handled it

Increasing your Daily limits in Deck Options - Anki Manual may help

My bad. So when looking at my decks it it says i only have 11 cards in total across the decks. The limit on the cards is well above the amount i had originally however it only shows 11 cards.

Definitely take a look at the links above to see how Review (and New) limits are handled now in the v3 scheduler. You may need to make some changes, especially if you just shifted from the v2 scheduler.

If you want to see how many cards are really due (regardless of limits) in any of those decks, open the Browse window and search deck:Deckname is:due [add -is:suspended if you need to] – that will give you a total that includes all subdecks.

Did you make any changes to your scheduling when you updated – like switching to the FSRS algorithm?

You have the deck set to a review limit of 0, so only intraday learning cards are being shown. If you increase the limit in the deck options, more cards will be shown.

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All sorted, thankyou very much for your help!

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