Updating the shared decks page

When introducing new people to Anki, I have occasionally heard comments about the shared decks page where they would expect more, particularly a type of “miscellaneous” or “trivia” category.

Outside of Reddit and Discord, how are users supposed to come across the “100 colors”/“Name that Pokemon” decks without a misc/trivia category? Surely they would have to search for this sort of content manually.

Surely there’s would be a lot of value in improving this page since I’m guessing it has a lot of traffic from users and Anki-curious people checking out this page when exploring whether or not to invest time in to Anki. Surely the page could be more attractive with some more features.

• “Most downloaded” category (includes all uploaded decks)
• “Highest rated” category
• More language categories (i.e. italian)
• Trivia and or Miscellaneous category
• Economics or Business/Finance category
• Sort by Notes/Audio/Images (currently only sortable by modification date and rating)
• Add “shared decks” and “add-ons” links to the top of the Ankiweb page (faster navigation and probably better discovery for new users)

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Additional suggestion:
• Computer science
• Psychology
• Religion
• Political and Social science
• Arts and Literature

Thanks for the suggestions! I have my hands full with other things at the moment, but will bear these in mind for the future.


It would be very useful to have a list of categories with subcategories.
For example

  • Programming
    - R
    - Python
  • Machine Learning
    - deep learning
  • Algorithms
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I posted my suggestion two years ago…and nothing has changed in the AnkiWeb although it would be a big improvement that takes little to achieve!