Chinese support system

There is a problem into this add-on, I can only direct one card into pinyin, meaning,sound, and etc, and adding new card it still popping out the error. I already tried all the options to get out from this bug, but none of them is worthless. I hope fix this ASAP pls I really need this because if do it manually it takes time than having this chinese support but apparently the prob is the error of this system.

Here are some suggestions on how you can improve your post to make it clearer for others to understand.

  1. What exact add-on are you referring to? It would be best to include the ID and a link to the download page.
  2. What does the error message say? You should copy & paste the message or attach a screenshot.
  3. What system are you using (operating system, Anki version)?

Other than that you could of course also try to message the author directly in case they are not active on this forum.

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