I need help/ Chinese Support 3

Hey everybody, I just started using anki and enjoy it, but in the search of efficiency I have tried to download the Chinese Support 3 add-on without any success

I have never downloaded any add on and don’t understand how they work, I know I have the right version on my Anki but I can’t find any option the add-on is supposed to allow

Thanks everybody for your help
(I have deleted it and re uploaded the add on, made sure it was the latest version and is compatible with my Anki version)

Not much we can do

Add-on page for instruction and detail; comments are helpful too: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1752008591

Wiki (old but relevant, found in the add-on page): Home · ttempe/chinese-support-addon Wiki · GitHub

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To install this add-on:

  • in the menu, go to Tools / Add-ons
  • in the Add-ons window, click on the Get Add-ons… button
  • enter the code 1752008591 which is found on the add-on’s page (and URL), and click OK

According to the add-on’s page, apparently you need to use these note types: Chinese (Basic) or Chinese (Advanced), and the add-on mostly just does automatic filling-in of the various fields (pinyin and so on). If you don’t already have these note types, I’m not sure where you can find their definitions.