Chinese Support Add-On - can it work on iPad?

Hi everyone,

I have been using Anki for many years, and I’ve just come across the Chinese support add-on described at a webpage titled Chinese Support Redux v0.14.2

I’ve installed the add-on on my laptop and it appears to work (I’m using Anki version 2.1.54 on my laptop).

That said, my laptop is incredibly slow (to start up, shut down, use the internet etc.) so my question is this: can I use the Chinese support add-on on my iPad? My iPad is running Anki version 2.0.90. I can see the add-on on my iPad, but when I select (card) Type: Chinese (Basic) and type in the Hanzi field, I can’t get any of the other card fields/text boxes (such as Colour, Pinyin, English etc.) to automatically populate. I suspect this might be because to automatically populate these fields using Anki Desktop, you hit tab after entering the Hanzi (and as far as I know there’s no tab key on an iPad keyboard).

I’d be grateful if anyone could tell me whether there’s a way to automatically populate the fields/text boxes below Hanzi (i.e. Color, Pinyin, English, Sound) when using Anki on an iPad.

Thanks for your help.

Anki for iOS/iPadOS does not support add-ons.

You could compile text data elsewhere on the iPad and send it to Anki using URL schemes, e.g. with Drafts (Drafts Actions for Creating Anki Cards - Actions - Help & Questions - Drafts Community). This will however not help with voice files and images.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I’d suspected the add-on wasn’t supported on iPad. Thanks for confirming that.

The Japanese Support add-on has the ability to add the reading in bulk via the browse screen - maybe the Chinese Support add-on has such a feature too? If it does, you could do the data entry on the iPad, and then add the extra fields in bulk at a convenient time on the computer.