Solved! Save 100's of hours import images through UTF-8 file

EDIT: The concatenate formula is not allowed on this forum but is correct in the attached image of Excel file

If it works, you can place thousands of images into a column in Excel at the drag of a mouse(using a concatenate formula) and export to Anki as a CSV UTF-8 file as seen on Bootube…but I am wondering if it still works. I’ve downgraded to Version 2.1.26 but still have not had success. I’ve tested small examples and place the .jpg files into the folder. I wonder if the code is incorrect.

In Excel the concatenate formula is =CONCATENATE(""). The “C1” in the formula must be replaced by whatever cell of the field you want to use.

Maybe I’m missing something in the template code? Thank you!

FYI: A similar technique can be done with audio.

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Select the Allow HTML in fields option when importing.

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Thank you, so much! I could have saved hours if I asked first. It worked brilliantly.
If anyone else is doing this, make sure you don’t have commas in your text because it will conflict with comma delineated utf. I think it doesn’t like any brackets also. Find and replace and use / or leave blank if that is convenient.

Do you know what folder “” is on Windows?

It’s just See the manual.

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