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Can data (e.g. a list of words) be imported into Anki from a structured file (e.g. .csv) or word or text file?
Can data be exported from Anki to another format such as those in the previous question?


Thank you. It is not working for me yet. I downloaded the file in UTF-8 format and used the File Import commands… When Anki said that it needs to have a .akpg or .colpkg suffix, I changed the file name to that format. However, it then says the file is corrupt, and root cause: archive is not a ZIP archive. Please advise.

Apkg and colpkg are not what you want here, and you shouldn’t change the file extension anyway.
Maybe you did not select the correct file type in the import dialog?


Don’t use apkg type for importing your CSV file. Just use csv type (text file separated by :wink:
I do that every day with csv file, UTF8, fields separated by “;” and field text by <"> and it’s working…

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How do you save a file in that format, please?

It depends on what software you’re using.
If you use Excel, you can save as “CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)” and that has worked well for me, including Vietnamese letters which don’t always come through in other formats.

You can use excel, or (what I usually do) with open or free office.
Save as CSV

Thank you. I am using Excel, but that did not work.

What are you using as parameter for export ?
UTF8 of course,
what about separators ? For fields I use semi-colon ; and for characters-chain I use the double quote "
Of course I don’t use these characters in my data :wink:
May be you will have to choose another specific set depending of your data…

Of course using Excel is not mandatory, you also can use any text editor for that, just respect the good separators <; and "> in my case, and of course UTF8

If you use ; as a field separator there shouldn’t be any semicolon in the fields themselves, as dudrea remarked. That’s why I prefer tabulators as field separators, in case I need to write a semicolon in my data.

Thank you, again. I have tried each of these and it has not yet worked. Could you or someone in the forum be able to send me a sample text file to try to import with but a few words in Hebrew? I could then test if it is an issue with my file format or importing.
Here is the sample content:


Kind regards

I don’t be sure understand what you want.

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three line with one field each ? In this case csv format doesn’t matter Any format would be OK
One line with three fields
One field of three lines

I’ll should send you three files tests but I don’t know how…


Thank you. One file should be sufficient. It just has to be a file that definitely imports correctly for you.

The file should include the following three words, which are in the Hebrew language. I do not know how many words per line or what format. If it works for you and you send it as an attachment, then I could see if I can import it too. If I can, then I could emulate the file. If I cannot, then it suggests the problem is software-related.

Here are three words, which I would like to import in a test file into Anki.



Hi vayedaber,
I understand, but I don’t know how to upload files to you ! this forum doesn’t give me the mean to join text files, only link or pictures…

You can share files using a site like New users won’t be able to paste links, but you can wrap the link in backticks like to include it in your message.

Thank you and all who offered or provided help with my efforts to use Anki.

I turned to another application after hours over the course of many days attempting to get the Anki’s import function to work. The other application is working without a hitch.

I am signing out of this forum, again with thanks to all