Import csv file is not working


I am new to anki. I know my question has already been asked but the answers refer to Libre office which I already tried.

I am trying to import an excel file into Anki. As it is in French, I end up with error message that the file is not UFT-8.
Weather I create the csv file through Excel or Libre office as stated in the manual, I still get the message. So I am quite lost in what might be wrong.
Could you help me please? :pray:

When you export the csv in LibreOffice, did you make sure it said UTF-8?



Oh, I think it is because of the tabulation parameter. I checked that it is UFT-8 but didn’t change the rest before. Now that I tried with Tabulation, it works !

Thanks a lot for your answer ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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