Problems with the utf-8 importion

Im trying to convert each of my excel lists to a deck in anki, but i figure it out (after many struggles) that it can’t read it when it has any graphic accentuation (^~¨).

Does any of you has some idea of whats happening or how can I solve this?

Thank you.

How are you exporting your excel spreadsheets? I see you mentioned UTF-8 in the title but sadly didn’t elaborate on that. I remember trying to do import from excel ages ago and found it pretty much impossible to get UTF-8 encoded csvs from Excel.

Personally, I found that libreoffice is pretty straightforward in it’s export UI. So maybe try that one.

  1. Open your xlsx in libreoffice
  2. Export as csv/tsv (maybe look at encodings on Windows? On Linux it’s straightforward)
  3. Import csv/tsv into Anki.

I hope that libreoffice is the same on Windows. I haven’t used it on that platform.