There was a time when you could import cards via CSV files from excel. The work around to use notepad or libre office are obtuse and notepad is not a Mac native software, as I’m sure you know… I highly suggest a fix.

Apologies for complaining.


just imported a .csv file, didn’t face any problem importing it. is this what you’re asking for or i haven’t understood you correctly?

That’s what I’m attempting to do. I’m referring to this in the manual.

Miscrosoft usually makes software kind of unfriendly to open standards, IE should be the historical worst example. I do not know about the Mac equivalent to Excel. In the end, you only need less than a minute to do the process once you know what to do.

On the other hand, perhaps an add-on could be written to convert other oncodings to UTF-8 and being able to convert propietary file formats as xls or xlsx. I think Python already have some libraries to adress this fairly easy.

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Microsoft publishes Excel to both Windows and Mac OS. There is also Google Sheets (online).

I know, but don’t they have an equivalent? He was complaining about non native apps. I just google it out, it is called Numbers.

@jcrane92 with Microsoft Excel 2019 it’s seems to be possible to export it as CSV UTF-8.


Alternatively, it should be possible to just copy-paste it directly from Excel to any modern text editor and save it with UTF-8 encoding as a tab-separated (\t) text file.

For older Excel versions, maybe Save As - CSV (Comma delimited) - Tools - Web Options - Unicode (UTF-8) -

But even with Microsoft Excel 2019 multi-line export might be still broken.

If you have non-Latin characters in your file (such as accents, Japanese and so on), Anki expects files to be saved in a ‘UTF-8 encoding’. The easiest way to do this is to use the free LibreOffice spreadsheet program instead of Excel to edit your file, as it supports UTF-8 easily, and also exports multi-line content properly, unlike Excel.

UTF-8 is pretty much de facto standard nowadays.

What is a character encoding, and why should I care?