Libreoffice importing

Hi, I made a table with two columns and on the right side of the table I’m using bullet points. I put this into libreoffice because I read that it should be able to properly import to anki. So I saved it as .csv however, I get a warning message that says:

This document may contain formatting or content that cannot be saved in the currently selected file format “Text CSV”. Use the default ODF file format to be sure that the document is saved correctly.

I override and select “use text csv format”

However, when I go to import this into anki it says:

Importing complete.
⁨0⁩ notes added, ⁨0⁩ notes updated, ⁨6⁩ notes unchanged.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Have you checked what the CSV file actually contains something (maybe libreoffice refuses to export rows that contain formatting it doesn’t know how to export)? If it does contain something, could you post the first row of the file, to see if we can replicate this issue?

Hi, thanks for responding.

I think you’re right. I opened it in libreoffice and it was all messed up. I put some screenshots below of what I did. Including what it looked like when I saved it versus what it looks like when I reopen the file. Do you have any suggestions on how to add multiple lines of text?

Could you try exporting with:

  • checking the “Quote all text fields”;
  • choosing the double quote " as the string delimiter.

Also, try pinning what exactly is causing this issue. It may be the multi-line in the single cell. To check that, try exporting a single-row file with no multi-line per cell, then the same file but adding a line of text in a cell, and compare the result.



You kind, amazing soul. Thank you. I cannot adequately express my gratitude, but I hope you keep helping people. I was seriously unwell… :’)

Changing it to “quote all text fields” and selecting " as the string delimiter allowed me to upload.

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