Snipping tool bug

after upgrading from version 52 to 64 on WIN, there is a bug when using snipping tool. On older version the image would be a perfect crop of the snip from snipping tool but on newer version there is a black border particularly at the bottom and any changes made outside the frame (snip) show up as well (such as marker markings). This is noticeable in dark mode since the snip is white.

Can you reproduce it in both the qt5 and qt6 versions of .64?

Yes it shows up in both.

That is surprising, as I expected it to be related to the Qt version. If you’ve double-checked that the Qt5 6.1.64 version is broken (by looking in the About screen to make sure you’re running the right version), could you please try each version from .53 to .64 to determine which one broke this for you? It would be most efficient to start in the middle.

bug appears first in .55 both qt5 and qt6

Thanks for testing. The only moderately-related change I can spot between .54 and .55 is a change to the handling of copying inside Anki. If you run the following in the debug console of the latest Anki version before opening the editor, do issues persist?

from aqt.editor import EditorWebView
EditorWebView._flagAnkiText = lambda x: None

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