[V 2.1.55 Qt5] Weird Colour Bug

There is a weird bug that causes my text & background colours to be inverted/weird I dont know how to explain it, You’re just gonna have to see

Bug - Version 2.1.55 Qt5

So first i thought it was an addon causing this, so i decided to disable a certain addons that might have been causing it, no change. Then i decided to disable all adons using shift, and once again there was no change.

After this i tested version 2.1.55 Qt 6

Thankfully it worked, however after this one of my essential addons was then broken as i was using the qt6 version
add on bug

So i have been placed in this dilemma of either using v 2.1.55 Qt5 with a working add on and weird colour bug or use v 2.1.55 Qt6 and have a broken add on with no colour bug.
And i have no idea how to fix either of the problems lol, maybe someone can help me :skull:

bump - going to sleep now so yeahh

Thank you for the report; this should be resolved in the next update.

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When do you think the next update will come out? its kinda annoying

Thanks for replying :+1:

A beta should be out within a few weeks. If it’s a big deal for you, you can always downgrade to 2.1.54 until an update comes out.

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