Bug Anki 2022, shuffling cards and colored pixels

J’ai remarqué que depuis quelques jours Anki bug souvent.
Je me demande si c’est à cause d’un add-on qui n’aurait pas été mis à jour, pourtant je vérifie régulièrement manuellement toutes les mises à jour.
Parfois, sur la barre du bas il y a plein de pixels de toutes les couleurs. Aussi, certaines cartes, quand je les retourne ne s’affichent pas ou bien affiche la carte d’avant ou d’après.
Je ne comprends pas trop à quoi c’est dû, quelqu’un aurait-il une idée ?
I have noticed that, since a few days, Anki is often buggy.
I wonder if it’s because of an add-on that hasn’t been updated, although I regularly check all the updates manually.
Sometimes, on the bottom bar there are lots of pixels of all colors. Also, some maps, when I turn them over, don’t display or display the map from before or after.
I don’t really understand what this is due to, does anyone have an idea?

What operating system do you use, which Anki version, do you have display issues with other applications, have you tried to turn off add-ons?

I use Windows, the version is ⁨2.1.54, I tried to turn of the add-ons but the problem is still here…

Do you think it could be display issues because of other applications ? I installed 2 new applications since the bug started. I’m gonna see if without them it works better !