Yellow cards / how to reset Anki?

Hi everyone,
Recently, when I try to ‘play’ a card, my new cards have been turning yellow and the layout isn’t showing up right (screenshots).

I’ve tried starting anki without add-ons, deleting them, and even deleting and reinstalling anki but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone know how to fix this ?

I apologize in advance if some words are confusing, english isn’t my first language :slight_smile:

This is likely coming from something in your card templates or styling. It’s an easy fix once you find it. Start by clicking “Cartes…”

Based on your formatting issues, I think this is probably a “type-your-answer” note type, which isn’t what you want. Can you post your Front Template, Back Template and Styling from the left side of that screen?

Here it is !

Oh yes, definitely fixable!

  • What is this note type called?
  • When this is all done, your want to have just Front → Back cards, right? One for each note?
  • I’m not sure but the name of the type of card is on the top left of the screenshot, right ? If so, it translates to “Card 1 : front+back”

  • Yes ! Just the question on front and answer on the back !

Thank you so much for your answers !

[Can you remove the “Solution” marker from your post above? That’s fighting with me when I try to post.]

“Card 1 : front+back”

I saw that! That is actually the “card type” (notes and cards are different). I was trying to figure out if this is a busted version of another template that we want to salvage, but Default templates are always replaceable, so let’s not worry about that.

On the front template:
Remove {{type:Verso}}

On the back template:
Below what is there now, add

<hr id=answer>


On styling:
Remove the line that says background-color: #F3ECAE;

[Unless you are using the “resize image add-on”, you can also remove everything from /*Start through add-on*/, if you like.]

Outside of this window
Manage Note Types > select this one > Rename > Change the name to “Basic-edited” or something else useful to you.

I think that should do it, but if you still have issues, show them to me and we’ll see what else we can tweak.

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Everything is back to normal, thank you very much :slight_smile: Sorry for my unclear answers, i’m not perfectly familiar with anki yet !

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You’re doing fine! I only need to clarify terminology so I give the right help!

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