Problem with Anki


Here is my problem, since some time Anki does not propose me any more decks to be revised, could you help me, I would like to completely reset my decks to know if Anko modified his behaviour? Thank you for your help,

Open Browse (desktop app), select whole collection to the right, hit the Due column to sort, do you see any entries, either New, today’s date, or date before today?


Thank you for you reply.
No, I don’t see none carte before today. I took a screenshot. I think it’s préférable because a picture explain better what I say.
Thank a lot,


The yellow cards are suspended, and the other cards are in a filtered (blue) deck.

Thank but what should i do to get them back into circulation?
Friendly, Myriam

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to have two accounts on Anki, Thank

Deleting the filtered deck will return the cards to the original deck. If you mean the yellow cards, you can unsuspend them using the menus.