New to Anki, cannot get into decks to study

Hello everyone! I am new to Anki and excited to get started. I downloaded Anki onto my computer, created an account and imported several decks that I got through a book called “Learn & Retain Spanish with Spaced Repetition”. It looks like the content has imported and I ‘unsuspended’ the cards as directed by the book. When I look in Browse, all of the topic titles are listed, but the whole new column shows 0. if I click on the topic title, I get a message that says Congratulations! You have finished this deck for now. But I haven’t done anything. I’m sure this is something ultra basic, I just can’t seem to figure out what I did wrong or what to do next. I greatly appreciate any guidance anyone can provide.

If you switch the browse mode from notes to cards, you’ll be able to see which cards are suspended as they’re yellow. Currently all the cards from that deck appear to be suspended.

Perfect, that solved the problem. Thanks so much! Have a great weekend

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