Cards not showing up

I just downloaded Anki in order to start studying a deck that my medical school provided me for anatomy. I set up my account and then downloaded the deck and a notice popped up and told me that importing that deck would erase all my other info. As I had just set up my account, I said okay and it said it was importing my deck. However, when I click on the decks it shows that there are no cards. But, when I open the browse tab I am able to see that there are cards. I have tried deleting the deck and then redownloading it. When I delete them I get a notice that tells me I’m deleting thousands of cards even though it says I have zero. I have also tried re-downloading the anki app. I also got the phone app to see if the cards show up there but they didn’t. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That sounds like someone shared their own collection with you, instead of exporting it without scheduling info. If the cards appear as yellow in the browse screen, you’ll need to unsuspend them by selecting them and using the option in the menu.

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