Cards getting mixed up

I use anki desktop and for the last two updates, the anki deck will show my the front side of card “A” and then when I flip it over, I will see the back side of card “B”. So for example the card might read “What are the colors of the rainbow?” And when I reveal the answer it will show the answer of a different card. Instead of showing me “red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple” it will show me “K9 is another term for dog”. Obviously these are not actual cards I am doing I am just trying to demonstrate a point.
This happens with all card types and all decks and its super annoying. Anyone know how to fix it? I have re-installed anki already, exported and re-imported the decks and nothing has fixed it.

And version of Anki are you using?

2.1.56 QT 6 for windows

Your issue can likely be fixed by changing the video driver: Display Issues - Anki Manual

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