Desktop app displaying incorrect cards

Hey everyone, I´m having an issue with desktop Anki (2.1.49).

When I am studying cards are sometimes displaying incorrectly, ie the answer side comes up blank, or the question side shows the previous question. What I’ve been able to ascertain:

  • It isn’t to do with the cards themselves as far as I can tell as I’ve had cards that displayed incorrectly work perfectly the next day.
  • I have zero problems on the web and android platforms, so it’s related to the desktop application.

I’ve run a database check and media check, restored from a backup, forced a full download from ankiweb to replace everything, and am still getting the issue. I haven’t installed any add ons so it isn’t a buggy add on…

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Have you tried to change your video drivers?


Thanks for the suggestion, I hadn’t thought of that!

Unfortunately it didn’t help. I even tried drivers direct from intel in case windows update sent something dodgy.

Did you try changing the driver Anki is using?

Think that’s fixed it dae - swapped to software and it’s working fine so far.

Thanks so much!!