Anki Mixes The Answers

Okay so this issue is not specific for android, desktop or website. I created a deck that consist of short questions on the front side of the cards and only pictures on the back side.

I started studying the deck but then the desktop started showing me the cards that belong to other questions. I tried using the web version and android version but the cards keep changing. And when i check the deck it actually shows the wrong answers. I know i put the correct answer for each card i checked it at first but as i study the deck, it keeps changing and some pictures getting deleted. I stopped studying to not to mess with my deck. I have an exam 2 days later and i was going to review the whole thing but now my deck is getting ruined.
Do you guys have any idea about what is happening?

I am not a native speaker sorry for my mistakes.

Try the Troubleshooting - Anki Manual steps, in particular Check Database.

You probably have backups. When did the data problems start appearing? You can restore from the most recent backup before that time. See Backups - Anki Manual

I downloaded it several days ago and always had the problem. I increased the daily limit of new card from 20 to 200 and it seems like the problem is gone for now.

It sounds like changing your video driver may help - it’s one of the troubleshooting steps mentioned above.

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